Complete Landscaping Services

Landscape Maintenance


We enjoy making your landscape stand out. We can also help with your landscaping services

Weeding & Mulch Installation


No project too small or big we'll be happy 

to clean it up and make it look fresh again.

Landscape Installation


Designing a beautiful landscape takes effort and planning. We can help you find the design that works for you.

Shrub & Tree Trimming


We specialize in trimming shrubs and trees.

Bed Redefining


Need a quick fix or new bed edges?

We have the equipment and experience

to get it done right the first time.

New Lawn Installation


Ready to get a make over so that your lawn stands out we're ready to install sod and you'll have an amazing looking lawn.

We will be happy to do all your landscape in Oxford, MI

Small tree removal & Stump grinding


We enjoy removing small tree's 

and stump's from your lawn.

Fire Pit installation


Want to enjoy a nice warm

fire? Let our team install

one to fit your needs.

Weeding & Planting


We understand you have a 

busy life. Let us make your

flower beds stand out again.